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Daycare usually have working interviews. Don’t be alarmed if they are super harsh with dogs and big into Cesar

Yeah, they call the workers “Pack Leaders” which worries me, but I figure they can’t fire me for not tzching. They also have webcams so I like to think they wouldn’t be TOO harsh.


I’ve been applying to so many jobs and getting more and more let down every time I don’t even get an interview, and out of nowhere I get a call for an interview for a doggy daycare that I applied to in January!

The best part is she said I could wear jeans and I get to play with doggies at the interview!!! I might cry. I really hope I get this it would be perfect. 

Ugh, it’s going to thunderstorm this Saturday while me and my mom are out of town. I’m already convinced my brother is going to forget to feed Jayne, now I have to worry about him remembering to give her the kong and knowing when to take it away so it doesn’t get destroyed.

What is everyone doing with their dogs?



Showing, SAR, therapy dogs, tracking, apprehension, dual purpose, scent work, hunting, agility, obedience, etc…..

Competing in: agility, flyball, disc dog & rallyo
On deck: dock diving, skijoring & nosework
In the hole: barn hunt & canine freestyle

Sleeping. Jayne is a champion napper.

My area never hosts events and doesn’t have any clubs, plus my dog is extremely low energy. :( *gentle sobs*

When people get angry and abusive after you tell them their dog is not part wolf, I know that it isn’t actually the animal they love but the status it brings them.


A frequent and understandable objection to the idea of clicker training is that you wouldn’t want to be stuck having to click and treat for the rest of your subject’s natural life. This, of course, is a misconception. The click is not intrinsic to maintaining the behavior; any old cue and any kind of reinforcer can do that. The click is for the training only. Once the learner has learned what you set out to teach it, you can put the clicker away. But you might use it again if you need to “explain” some new thing; you can communicate quite specific information with your clicker.

For example, my friend Patricia Brewington owns a clicker-trained Percheron gelding named James. Pat and her husband Daucy trained James with the clicker from babyhood through all his mature tasks of carrying riders, pulling wagons and sleighs, and hauling logs out of the woods. When James was fully educated, the clicker and food treats were no longer needed. James knew and complied with many voice cues and hand signals. He visibly enjoyed praise and patting as reinforcers for work well done; and also ice cubes, playing with balls, ringing his sleigh-bells with his nose, coming into the barn, going out of the barn, being allowed to watch whatever the people were doing, and many other daily-life reinforcers.

One day James developed an abscess in his foot. The vet decreed that the foot should be soaked periodically. So Pat got a bucket of warm water, set it next to James, and put his foot into the bucket. James took it out. Pat put it in. James took it out. Now James is a very large horse, and Pat is a small woman. Physical force was not an option; and Pat almost never scolds her horses. What to do? She went in the house and found a clicker. She came back out to the barn. She put James’2 foot in the bucket—and clicked. Pat described his response metaphorically, as reinforcement trainers often do: “Ohhh! You mean keep my foot in the bucket. Oh, okay.” No carrot was needed to seal the bargain; James just hadn’t understood what was wanted, and when he did understand, he didn’t mind doing it.

Don’t Shoot the Dog, Karen Pryor (via ridingthescree)


Stop growing so fast.

All we’ve done all afternoon. No shame.





If anybody thinks Cesar Millan is cruel to dogs, try taking care of a pack of four dogs. You HAVE to be assertive.
There is a difference between being dominant and being cruel.

kicking and slapping and electrocuting and /hanging a dog by its neck/ is NOT being assertive, it’s being ABUSIVE

he has NO idea what he’s doing and i honestly have NO clue why his terrible show hasn’t been taken off air yet

I’ve had a ‘pack’ of four dogs. I had a ‘pack’ of six (two of my own, four fosters/rescue/temps) ranging from a yorkie mix who was very intensely food guarding to a pitty who had been used as a bait dog and was dog shy and had no bite inhabition.

With clicker training, patience, positive reinforcement, all the exact opposite of CM they all lived quite well together, had no issues at food time, and all but the pitty could be taken to the dog park (pitty wasn’t a problem, he just didn’t like it there and preferred playing at home) and would respond to a recall even in the middle of play. And I never had to alpha roll, correction nudge kick or “be assertive” in any way nor use choke chains, prongs, or shock collars.

Wow! I must be magic! HOw iS PoSSiblE???


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Study after study after study shows that spanking children causes anger, aggression, decreased impulse control, anxiety, lower thresholds for frustration etc etc

You didn’t “turn out just fine” because you were smacked, you turned out “just fine” IN SPITE of it.

I also wouldn’t call someone who thinks violence against children “just fine” but.. Y’know.