they were rescued from a testing lab, they’ve never walked on grass before

So my uncle’s Dogue de Bordeaux died a few months ago and he just got a new puppy and I cAN’T

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I’m not even gonna tell my mom when I give Jayne her duck necks anymore because if she so much as hiccups the day she eats one my mom is like “OMG IT’S THE DUCK NECKS, NO MORE DUCK NECKS!”

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"What about a beagle? They’re not yappy."
— Shit Sal overhears at work. (via jocks-on-4-paws)

Jayne is not happy about the snow.

Jayne is not happy about the snow.

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How to raise your cat or dog on a vegan diet:
Do not or I will find you and destroy you

The oldest dog in the world lived to 27 years old and was vegan.

Could you source that? People claim it a lot and never source it other than vegan pet websites.

(And those websites usually say the dog ate meat a majority of its life so..)

I don’t think people who feed vegan understand how proof works.  One dog out of all the dogs being fed vegan living to be 27 proves jack shit.  A consistent experiment studying a large portion of dogs fed vegan vs a control group of dogs fed a high quality meat diet (either high quality kibble or raw) would be required to come up with anything consistent.  Something even more interesting would be to include a “middle ground” group of dogs fed commercial diets like Purina.


How to behave when confronted by a livestock guardian dog.


Hey so here’s a nifty fact for you: aversive tools have no place in dog training.

Here’s another nifty fact: even if the dog is aggressive.

One more: especially if the dog is aggressive.