Guys, listen up!  I recently saw a post about dog body language that was complete and utter crap.  There is no such thing as a “dominant” or “submissive” dog.  When a dog walks with its head and tail up, it’s not trying to be “dominant”, it’s exhibiting confidence in both itself and its handler.  You want a confident dog.  A dog walking with its head and tail down is not being “submissive” towards you, it’s showing calming signals  (tail down, ears back, wide and squinted eyes, licking lips).  This means the dog is insecure with you, itself, or in Jayne’s case, the environment (in this case a man working on the roof).  

I can’t stress this enough: The top figure should be encouraged, not the bottom one.  So please, Cesar Millan junkies and dominance-based trainers, think twice before you encourage your dog to be insecure.

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